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Q: What about system requirements?
A: I am developing at Celeron 300MHz, and it is still slow. The faster machine will give better results. You need JRE (Java2 Plug-in, version 1.3). It should be any version (Windows/Solaris/Linux/Mac), but I have tested it with Windows version only. If you use other platform than Windows, contact me - you may help with tests.

Q: How to get JRE?
A: Get it at SUN site dedicated to Java.

Q: It doesn't work...
A: What do you see?

1) Black screen for long time means applet has been run, but some bad error stopped it (missing ROMs probably). Check Java console window and decide...

2) Window does not open or it closes without any message - I can't help. It was reported several times and problem was allways in JRE (mis)configuration. Check Java Plug-in icon in Control Panel (Windows platforms). Try to read Installation instructions from SUN and reinstall JRE.

3) If you see black screen for longer time, it means ROMs couldn't be found. Correct information in config window (paths) and hit Reset button in System tab.

Q: Where to get ROMs?
A: ROMs are packed with distribution. If not, look at MZ unity or sharpmz where you will find emus with ROMs or ROM packs. If you are from Sharp Co. and you think this breaks any copyright, notify me and I will stop distribution of ROMs.

Q: How to run it?
A: You need UMZE.jar (and ROMs of course). Unpack downloaded file (e.g. into any dir, including ROMs, and doubleclick file umze.jar (or in DOS box type "java UMZE").

Q: Where to get games and other software?
A: MZ unity, sharpmz, BOMI (links can be found at MZunity) or my page for software.

Q: Emulator does not respond to keyboard...
A: Sorry, it is still Java applet and it MUST get focus to react to keyboard events. Simply click with mouse to screen area.

Q: How to contact, hail or donate author?
A: Contact me...